Formaldehyd detector air quality tester HCHO TVOC


  • Detection range: 0.000-2.888 mg / m3 (formaldehyde)
  • TVOC 0.000-9.999 mg / m3
  • Detection temperature: – 10 ° C ~ 45 ° C
  • Measured in units: mg / m3
  • Powered by AA batteries


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  • Detection range: 0.0002.88mg/m3(Formaldehyde )
  • Display mode: LED digital display
  • Test principle: semiconductor gas sensing principle
  • Test items: formaldehyde, TVOC
  • Detection temperature: – 10 ° C ~ 45C
  • Alarm mode: beep alarm
  • Measurement method: sensor induction technology “
  • Sampling mode: diffusion sampling monitoring mode automatic
  • Power supply: 5 alkaline battery (AA) x2 (not included)
  • Working voltage: 2.4-3.2v
  • Package weight: 170g/6oz
  • Product size: 120*55*22mm/4.72*2.17*0.87in

Instructions on how to use the air quality meter

Uncover the appliance and place it outside or in a ventilated room to clean it

Activate the instrument and it will start a countdown of 180 seconds – the instrument is calibrated, it is important that it is outside the measured room or area. Calibration is best in clean air.

Then press the calibration button for three seconds, the instrument determines zero measurement.

Start the measurement in the target room.

Formaldehyde concentrations:

  • If the formaldehyde concentration is 0.1 mg / m3, this indicates that the air quality is good
  • If the concentration of formaldehyde is more than 0.1mg but less than 0.3mg / m3, it means that the air has a limit quality.
  • Formaldehyde concentrations above 0.3mg / m3 exceed the standard, warn or take measures for higher air quality.
  • Concentrations of formaldehyde above 0.6mg / m3 mean that the TVOC significantly exceeds the standard of the room to ventilate or leave.

Low battery voltage

The device warns of low battery starts flashing red LED, The device used to measure air quality gas probe is battery intensive battery life is 2-3 hours. If the device is idle for more than 30 minutes, it automatically switches to power save mode.

How best to measure air quality?

Measure in an enclosed room at multiple points / locations to get an accurate result. 3-4 detection points are used for a space smaller than 50m2 4-6 for a space 50-100m2. The distance from the wall is suitable if the height of the detection point is more than 60 cm and is 50 cm to 2 m.

Why does the device consume a lot of energy?

The device uses preheating of the probe, accurate measurement can be ensured only by heating the probe, it uses energy from batteries.

Gas detection is still 0.000

The measured room has cleaner air than the area where the instrument was calibrated.

What is the standard for formaldehyde and TVOC values?

The measurement of formaldehyde by the HCHO standard is less than 0.10mg / m3 according to the standard for indoor spaces GB / T18883-2002. For the TVOC standard, it is 0.6mg according to GB / T18883-2002.


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