36V/48V 250W Univerzal E-bike controller with Displej and Hall-less support mode


  • Universal control unit with 36V / 48 option
  • Support for pedal assist and manual accelerator
  • Works with all motors hall and without hall sensors
  • Useful functions, battery level measurement, tachometer, assist mode selection


Do you need to repair or upgrade your bike? The universal control unit connected to the display will come in handy!

Why do we recommend this control unit?

  • It is for both 36V and 48V electric bikes respectively batteries, in the future you can upgrade the battery without having to replace other components
  • Supports PAS pedaling assistance but with throttle control as on a motorcycle
  • Works with all brushless motors
  • Voltage sensing on the display
  • Can work without hall probes (if the motor has a faulty hall probe rj can ensure normal motor operation)
  • The display has a nice color design
  • Various functions, 1-5 power modes, possibility to select PAS assistance, hand adding, tachometer.
  • Compact dimensions, control unit should fit most pedelecs

Technical parameters:

  • Speed: 25km / h
  • Max speed: 35km / h (depending on engine type)
  • Power 250W / 350W
  • Hall sensor support: Yes, the controller can run without them
  • Controller Size: Approx. 8.8*5.2*3cm / 3.46*2.05*1.18inch

This controller can work in hall sensor and also work in hall sensorless

36V 48V 250W controller &24V 36V 48V 350W controller function

  1. Motor line
  2. Hall line
  3. Display line
  4. Self-learning line
  5. Brake line
  6. Light or horn line(yellow:+  black:-)
  7. PAS line
  8. Battery line(red: battery +,  black: battery – )

* The Self-learning line is used to determine the phases in the engine, connect the cable and press the throttle on the display the engine starts either forward or backward. When running properly you can disconnect the wires. If the throttle lever is reversed, release the throttle lever and then press again.

Screen Show:
  1. The current speed is displayed
  2. Battery charge (voltage) display
  3. Accumulated mileage display
  4. Single mileage display
  5. Pas display

Display Setting:

  • P01:Backlight brightness
  • P02:Mileage unit
  • P03:Voltage level
  • P04:Dormancy time (0:Not dormant ) Scope:1-60 Unit:Minute
  • P05:assistance gar
  • P06:Wheel diameter:unit,inch;accuracy :0.1
  • P07:Speed magnetic steel number  Scope:1-100
  • P08:Speed limit Scope:0-100km/h    100:unrestricted speed
  • P09:0:Zero start    1:Nonzero start
  • P10: driving mode setting:0:power drive 1:electric drive  2:power drive and electric drive coexistence
  • P11:Assistance sensitivity setting Scope:1-24
  • P12:Assistance start strength
  • P13:0D0 Clear zero setting


How work controller with or without the hall sensors?

The control unit must know in each rotor position to which motor winding (phase) the voltage is to be applied, thus creating a rotary motion. The current position of the rotor is obtained by measuring the magnetic field of the coils using three miniature Hall sensors mounted in the stator or indirectly – by measuring the induced voltage from the rotor’s motion in the magnetic field (the so-called Back EMF).

It has a torque sensor, calculates current axial forces and compensates for dead spots when pedaling to make the ride smooth.

The universal unit has a program that can replace hall sensors, useful if you have one or more faulty hall sensors.

Package contains :

Control unit + display


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