BAFANG BESST diagnostics for unlocking central motors


  • Bafang BEST diagnostics for mid-engines
  • UART/Canbus
  • Unlocking or blocking max speed
  • error message reader


Utility designed for diagnosis and optimization of BAFANG electric drives. We present to you BAFANG BESST – top software that allows you to fully utilize the potential of your BAFANG (8Fun) systems.

Unlocking or blocking max speed
error message reader

For brand companies and BAFANG customers:

If you are a BAFANG customer and are interested in using our BESST software, just purchase the BESST converter and download the software.

Do not miss the opportunity to use BAFANG BESST and achieve maximum performance and reliability of your electric drives.


About bafang:

Bafang, one of the leading manufacturers of electric vehicle components and complete electric drive systems, has been developing solutions for electric vehicles since 2003.

The company focuses on all global trends in future electromobility, be it individual electric bikes, electric scooters or public shared bike rental systems. You can find their motors in branded e-bikes, e.g. Crussis.


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