480V SSR relay three phase load




Step 1: Choose a correct control mode
AA- AC Control AC
DA- DC Control AC

Step 2: Choose a correct type
Current of Equipment/Ratio = Current of SSR
PS: The Ratio depend on the kind of your loading equipment.
Resistive load :70%, Inductive load:20%,Capacitive load:10%.

Step 3: Choose a suitable heat sink
During the useage of SSR, it will give out a lot of heat, so in order to extend the life of your SSR, please install a heat sink , also if the current is over 60A,the cooling fan also required.
PS: Our Heat Sink include 2 screws (for install heat sink) and a pack of thermal compound (is applied to the bottom of the SSR)

The inside of the solid-state relay is a semiconductor. A semiconductor switch is a non-physical contact switch. if use a multimeter diode or resistor to test ,it always show a high-impedance state, (multimeter light red).
According to the conventional detection methods of solid state relays: a load is required to test the switching state. Using an incandescent lamp as a dummy load is an obvious way to test continuity


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