5A DC-DC XL6019 Step Up Power Module Boost Volt Converter 3.3V-35V




Introducing the XL6019 Boost Converter:

Experience versatile power regulation with our XL6019 Boost Converter, offering precise control over your DC voltage output. Whether you’re powering small electronic projects or demanding applications, the XL6019 delivers reliable performance.

Key Specifications:

  • Output Voltage: DC 5-40V (adjustable, with a maximum of 45V)
  • Input Voltage: DC 3-35V (up to 40V max)
  • Input Current: 5A (maximum)

Installation Made Easy: Installing the XL6019 Boost Converter is a breeze. Follow these simple steps:

  • Connect the MS+ terminal to the positive (+) terminal.
  • Link the IN terminal to the negative (-) terminal.
  • Connect the OUT+ terminal to the positive (+) terminal.
  • Link the OUT terminal to the negative (-) terminal.

Ensure that your input and output connections are correct for optimal performance and safety.

Protection Features: Rest easy knowing your XL6019 Boost Converter is equipped with essential protection functions, including:

  • Built-in Over Temperature Protection
  • Full Set Over-Current Protection Circuit for enhanced reliability.

Adjustable Knob for Precision: The XL6019 Boost Converter includes a knob on the potentiometer, allowing you to fine-tune your output voltage effortlessly. Turn counterclockwise for a general voltage decrease or clockwise to increase it. Additionally, monitor your output voltage with ease using a multimeter.

Note: Always ensure that your input and output connections are properly configured. The XL6019 Module is designed for constant voltage output boost, offering fully integrated solutions. It features an integrated MOSFET, reducing the need for external components and resulting in a more compact system.

Upgrade your power regulation capabilities with the XL6019 Boost Converter – your reliable partner for efficient voltage conversion.

How to Use:

  • 1. Connect to the Power Supply (3-35V), the Power Indicator is On, and the Module Works Normally
  • 2. Adjust the Blue Potentiometer Knob (Generally, Turn Counterclockwise to Boost Voltage, Clockwise to Buck Voltage) and Monitor the Output Voltage with a Multimeter Until it Reaches the Required Voltage.
  • 1. Use Conventional BOOST Fully Integrated Constant-Voltage Output Scheme, Internal Integrated MOSFET, Less Peripheral Devices, Low System Cost
  • 2. Wide Voltage Range Input, Input Voltage Up to 35V
  • 3. the Output Voltage is Adjustable, High Can Support 40V
  • 4. Built-In Over Temperature Protection, Over Current Protection Full Set of Reliability Protection Circuit, High Reliability
  • 5. The System Conversion Efficiency Can Reach More than 90%, Convenient Thermal Design
  • 6. TO263-5L Standard Package, Suitable for Up to 30W Boost Applications


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