Chihiros Doctor 3.rd generation aquarium algae cleaner


  • 3rd generation Chihiros Doctor
  • It kills algae and promotes plant growth
  • Gentle to bacteria beneficial in filtration and in the aquarium
  • Fully automatic device.
  • Easy installation, trouble-free operation


Chihiros Doctor Super III is an effective algae eliminator in the aquarium. It is suitable for aquariums from 1 liter up to 700 liters.

It is the 3rd generation of this device, which unified versions of Plants, Fish and Shrimp into one device. III. In addition, the generation contains an improved membrane and is in a new design.

  • Features
  •  It has a strong effect on inhibiting the occurrence of green algae and promoting the growth of aquatic plants
  •  Inhibits the initial propagation and growth of phytoplankton
  • Activate microelements to promote plants growth
  • Promote plants growth activates photosynthesis to stabilize ecosystem.
  • Kill crustacean pathogens
  • through direct and indirect sterilization, automatically kill the pathogens in water every hour, greatly improving the survival rate of young shrimp.
    rely on strong bactericidal ability can effectively kill pathogens
  • Obtained 99.9% killing efficiency results in Aeromons hydrophila, herpes, mold, coliform and other experiments.
  • Can coexist with beneficial bacteria
  • No residual toxicity, minimal effect on aerobic beneficial bacteria.
  • Unlike UV products which operate continuously, this product has little effect on beneficial bacteria in the aquarium and filter.
  • Automatically set up the algorithm according to the aquarium environment
  • Different bactericidal intensity and operation cycle are used according to the different ecological environments of the initial, middle and final stages of the aquarium.
  • Excellent control algorithm greatly facilitates the use of consumers.

Contains intelligent ALC program

Chihiros Doctor himself can calculate the status of the aquarium water in a particular aquarium and set the bubble triggering algorithm that is most suitable for a particular tank.

First, set one of the modes:

  • Plants – for promoting plant growth and algae removal
  • Fish – for disinfecting water from parasites (eliminating diseases) and removing algae
  • Shrimp – for water treatment for freshwater shrimp and algae removal


Then adjust the volume of your tank. The following aquarium volumes can be set on the device:

  • less than 60 l
  • from 60 liters to 90 liters
  • from 90 liters to 120 liters
  • from 120 liters to 200 liters
  • from 200 liters to 250 liters
  • from 250 liters to 300 liters
  • from 300 liters to 500 liters
  •  from 500 liters to 700 liters

It is completely safe for all aquarium inhabitants

Note: It is necessary to select the mode that is suitable for your aquarium. If the 250 liter aquarium mode is used, the device cannot be operated eg. in an aquarium 50 liters. In this case,.

Cannot be used in salt water and in water with TDS greater than 500. The appliance has a safety fuse and switches off automatically if the salt concentration is high in the aquarium.


  • Material: Plastic shell
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 62x62x18mm
  • Voltage: 110-240V
  • Power adapter: US plug / EU plug / UK plugPackage include
  • 1 Set Electronic Chihiros 3rd Algae Removal Device


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